Encountering acne at any age can be very distressing, but as a woman in my late twenties I found it very hard to understand and accept. In the space of 9 month’s Dr. Emma has helped me regain my confidence and made me feel happy in my own skin again. Even after my initial consultation I left feeling so positive and happy that someone had took the time to listen and examine my skin thoroughly and provide me with a medicated treatment plan which has worked wonders! I have found a dermatologist for life in Dr. Emma!
— CJ
I knew very quickly that I had made the right decision coming to see Dr Emma Wedgeworth. She is an excellent listener, instantly putting me at ease with her friendly and personable manner. I also never feel rushed in our appointments. These qualities, coupled with her expert knowledge and experience, helped me to feel comfortable putting myself completely in her care.

Dr Emma has consistently provided me with impactful, sensible advice and has simplified my skin care routine, with considered prescriptions that have achieved results steadily and have improved my skin quality overall. I feel as though we are working together to achieve long-term sustainable results - it’s good to know that someone cares and that you are not alone.

I feel supported and cannot recommend Dr Emma Wedgewood highly enough.
— K.R
It has only been a month but my skin already looks so much better! I would say at least 85% better in this short time. I’m so pleased and have already had compliments!
I was really nervous about having someone see my skin under a magnifying light, but she really did put me at ease and didn’t make me feel as I looked as horrid as I was imagining. She was very positive through out our entire visit and I left feeling very hopeful.
— J.C
Thank you again for such a wonderful consultation. It was the first time I had my skin concerns taken seriously and for giving me such a detailed skin care plan.
— EE
Both Dr Sam and Dr Emma have been amazing in the lead up to my wedding. I was lucky enough to be treated by both of them and they have solved all of my skin concerns and have been so lovely and patient in the process. I couldn’t recommend them enough, my skin is finally clear after years of non stop breakouts and I loved their straightforward and simple approach. I only wish I had of visited them sooner! -SG
I have been seeing Dr Emma Wedgeworth at Dr Sam Buntings clinic for 2 years and I honestly cannot rave about her enough. She has absolutely transformed my skin, given me so much confidence and just gotten my skin in to the best possible condition. She is literally a miracle worker. I cannot recommend her enough - best money I ever spent! - Dina Harper
Dr Emma Wedgworth is a thoughtful, considerate and incredibly knowledgeable dermatologist who really takes the time to listen to you as a patient. She’s been very helpful in terms of treating my rosacea and also providing guidance on other skin issues that I wanted to discuss. I’d highly recommend Dr Emma and her colleague Dr Sam Bunting. -Debra Rock
I started going to Dr. Emma Wedgeworth three years ago. I had recently moved to Manchester to do my degree from NYC. Throughout my teenage years, I rarely ever got a spot. I had perfect skin with no pigmentation or issues. When I turned maybe 18, I started getting acne on my chin. I went to a number of “elite” dermatologists in NYC who I think were paid off by pharmaceutical companies to push products that never worked for me. By the time I moved to Manchester it became a very serious problem. I got painful cystic acne all over my face and my hair would fall out in clumps. I did some research and found Dr. Sam’s clinic on Google. I decided to book in with Dr. Emma since she attended Imperial, which is my boyfriend’s alma mater. I took the train down to London just to see Dr. Emma and it was beyond worth it. By my first session I had suggestions to do blood work for PCOS (which I ended up having) that diagnosing and treating changed a lot for me. I was never given a whole regime and recommendations before by a dermatologist, usually a prescription and goodbye, and Dr. Emma answered every skincare question (including about makeup) with great knowledge and care. I left with a clear daily plan which I followed religiously. I’ve seen her every 3 months since and have improved dramatically. Dr. Emma also has a great knowledge of a rare skin condition of mine and prescribed me with medicines that have helped it more than I’ve had my whole life. I still get an acne spot here and there but nothing is comparable to before, especially the pain of it I used to have, as Dr. Emma has shown me a way to nip it in the bud, so to speak. I was beyond fortunate to find Dr. Emma and would, and do recommend her wholeheartedly to every person I meet. I never thought I would feel comfortable walking outside with no foundation, but am now proud of how I look. I can’t thank her enough.-NS
Highly recommend wonderful Dr Emma!!! My experience: I came with starting rosacea and in less then 4 months there was no sign of it! And not only that, my general skin condition improved so much that I have never had a better skin even when I was young! And to add to all that wonder - it was all achieved pretty easily with simple easy to follow steps! Dr Emma suggested me to stop using my expensive moisturisers, gave simple ones that really worked and my skin benefited from that tremendously. I suggest to everyone who spends time and money on skin care to first visit Dr Emma and find out what your skin really needs before spending money and possibly not even doing good to your skin.
Thank you very-very much Dr Emma!!! Anna L
Extremely high level of service and care from Dr. Emma here - great understanding of all issues and a kind, reassuring manner that makes you feel in very good hands - couldn’t recommend her more! Anna Farmer